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Nutrient Management Strategy / Plan:

Do I need a strategy or a plan? 

        The majority of operations require only the Strategy, however if your farm has more than 300 NU then a Plan is also required. If you are unsure where you fall then give us a call and we will review your NU's and options.

Basic Nutrient Management Strategy


We take care of all of the paperwork that you will need to receive a complete NMS that can be taken to the Building department                       

- Initial   day site visit, within 50 km of closest office from SSP

- Guidance on manure storage type and design

- Completion of Engineering Commitment Certificate (if required)

- Completion of Broker / Transfer Agreements (if required)

- Submission and correspondence with OMAFRA Approvals office in Guelph

- OMAFRA MDS II report

- Final meeting after approval to review strategy and any OMAFRA conditions


Nutrient Management Strategy with Plan

If the plan component is required we provide all of the items listed with the strategy plus:

- development of manure spreading plan for a 5 year period

- detailed field review including manure spreading buffers

- inclusion of manure sampling results (if required, samples done at cost)

- inclusion of soil sampling results (if required, samples done at cost, additional fee for soil sampling services)


What costs are involved to have Soil Solutions Plus take care of my NMS/P?

- We offer a flat fee service to prepare your Strategy, once we discuss your requirements we will provide a solid quote that gets the job done

- Plan preparation involves the flat fee for the Strategy portion plus a fee based on the workable acres involved in the plan

Additional Services:

- Assistance with Funding Programs (EFP, Conservation Programs), complete management service and hourly service available

- Soil Sampling - Hand sampling conducted where required, samples submitted to the lab at cost

- Manure Sampling - Lab samples submitted at cost

Plan Review and Record Keeping


Annual Maintenance Review for Plan                     

Includes up to 100 acres of workable ground, 3 hour site visit, within 50 km of closest office from SSP. Meeting to collect yearly data from spreading, fertilizer, crop yields and any other changes that will affect the plan from time to time. Includes an update of plan to reflect data input from meeting. Soil sampling of fields to be spread next would be appropriate at this time if possible. Try to check soil as far away from last spreading as possible.


- Soil Samples (Laboratory Costs) , samples must follow NMA Protocol -  1 sample for 25 acres or less.

- GPS Mapping (optional)


Matt Robillard, P.Ag.
St.George Brant

PH (905) 297-5328

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