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Environmental Farm Plans (Funding Programs Have Changed be Aware)


The EFP program provides funding support for projects that improve the environment for societal benefit. While many farms operate in an environmentally friendly manner the operators feel pressured to obtain the EFP to appease a societal pressure. In fact preparing an EFP is a large investment for a farming operation and participation must be justified by financial reward or no benefit is achieved by society as a whole.

Farm operators today value their time and the reality is that an EFP requires 2 days of off farm training, a minimum of 8-10 Hours of preparation on farm and a follow up meeting with the OSCIA representative to submit and approve the EFP document. Each proposed project will also require an application, detailed plan, detailed documentation of receipts and proof of payment for receipts as well as a follow up visit from the OSCIA before ANY funds will be released.

The key to successfully benefiting from the EFP program is to clearly define the projects that your farm needs at the outset of the EFP and preparing your EFP to meet these goals.

Soil Solutions Plus has successfully assisted many producers in achieving the maximum benefit from the EFP program and would be pleased to discuss the assistance programs that we provide for EFP completion.


 Sample Projects 

Page 1 Containment and Composting Structures

Page 2 Erosion Control / Feeder Upgrades

Page 3 NMP Planning / Well Decommisioning

Environmental Cost-Share Opportunities for Ontario Farmers


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